Adopted Budget

Adopted Budget

FY2022-23 Adopted Operating Budget for Estrella Mountain Community College

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Estrella Mountain’s General Fund adopted budget for FY2022-23 is $43.2 million (including Western Maricopa Education Center (West-MEC) site); this is an increase of 4% from the FY2021-22 adopted budget due to the MCCCD COLA (4%). Instructional expenses continue to make up the largest share of the budget.

  • Instruction, $18.7 million (43%), is the largest share of the budget and is dedicated to support instruction and academic expenses such as faculty salaries and related benefits.
  • Academic Support, $8.9 million (21%), is intended to provide funding in support of the instructional priorities and initiatives, i.e., libraries, academic success center, information commons, instructional services, and faculty professional growth funding.
  • Student Services, $4.4 million, (10%), is targeted to fund academic activities and instructional services in support of students. Examples include counseling, academic advisement, disability resources and services, admissions and records, and financial aid.
  • Institutional Support, $6.1 million, (14%), supports cost of salaries and benefits for administration and staff. Also supports the institutional services that are vital to the overall operation of the College. Examples include marketing and public relations, institutional planning, campus security, and expenses related to liability insurance, postage, etc.
  • Operations/Maintenance, $4.4 million, (10%), funds expenses related to operation and maintenance of the campus such as the cost of electricity, grounds, water, and gas.
  • Student Financial Assistance, $534k, (1 %), supports students who excel in academics, have a financial need and are from targeted and diverse backgrounds. (e.g. first generation college student, President/Chancellor Scholars, Athletics, Native American, etc.) FY2022-23.



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