Welcome to the Academic Success Center!

EMCC is committed to your academic success. The Academic Success Center/Tutoring is located in Estrella Hall South, first floor and hosts a wide variety of programs to enhance student success.

The ASC offers all EMCC students remote tutoring, appointment-based tutoring, online paper critique through our Online Writing Center, 24/7 online tutoring through BrainFuse, study success strategies, tutorials, seminars, and workshops.

Our tutors are peer student learning facilitators who are dedicated to working with students in a supportive, collaborative learning environment.

Remote drop-in tutoring services for these sub-centers:

  • Math Success
  • Science Success
  • Writing Success
  • Reading, Languages, and Occupational (RLO) Success

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Our Mission

Supporting EMCC students through exceptional educational services, learning environments, programs, guidance, and resources to:

  • Reinforce and supplement classroom instruction.
  • Improve learning efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Support classroom instruction.
  • Create learning communities.

Program Goals

  • Provide academic support to increase student success and help students become independent learners.
  • Provide learning environments to meet students’ academic goals.
  • Assist students with study strategies to build self-confidence in understanding the learning subject matter of an academic course.

Contact Us

For immediate info, please call us at the following:

  • Math & Science Success: 623-935-8221
  • Writing Success: 623-935-8189
  • Reading, Languages and Occupational Success: 623-935-8436

Email us at: tutoring@estrellamountain.edu. Please do not submit writing assignments to this email. Online paper critiques can only be submitted through the Online Writing Center.