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FALL 2020 SEMESTER AND COVID-19 UPDATE: The EMCC campus is open to EMCC employees, students attending on-campus classes, or those with an appointment. All student support services are available online. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for additional information.


Welcome to the Academic Success Center!

Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) is committed to your academic success. Academic Success Center/Tutoring is located in Estrella Hall South, first floor and hosts a wide variety of programs to enhance student success. Drop-in tutoring, appointment-based tutoring, group tutoring, online paper critique through our Online Writing Center, 24/7 online tutoring through BrainFuse, study success strategies, tutorials, seminars, and workshops are among the programs available to all EMCC students. Our tutors are peer student learning facilitators who are dedicated to working with students in a supportive, collaborative learning environment.

Due to COVID-19, the Academic Success Center will offer limited on-campus tutoring as well as remote drop-in tutoring services for our tutoring subcenters:

  • Math Success
  • Science Success
  • Writing Success
  • Reading, Languages, and Occupational (RLO) Success

ASC Remote Tutoring

Remote Tutoring allows you to see a tutor face-to-face by use of online web conferencing. Our tutors use WebEx to communicate via webcam and microphone. There are also screen sharing capabilities, which is perfect for online homework assignments through MOER, MyMathLab, and Canvas.

How to Meet with a Remote Tutor

1. Schedule an Appointment

2. Look for a WebEx Conferencing Invitation

  • Check your student email ( for a WebEx invite from the tutor you made an appointment with.
  • The invite will match the date and time you requested.

3. Start the Conferencing Meeting and be Tutored!

  • About 3-4 minutes prior, start the meeting by clicking on “Join WebEx Meeting”.
  • You can join via the browser (Google Chrome highly recommended), WebEx App (downloadable), or on your mobile device.
  • You will sign in with your MEID.
  • Don’t have a webcam? No problem! Call in to the WebEx meeting using the number and access code provided on the invite.

Remote Tutoring - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Remote Tutoring the same as Online Tutoring?
    Yes and No. Remote Tutoring is face-to-face using online web conferencing tools. Our tutors are available by appointment for this kind of tutoring. On the other hand, Online Tutoring includes our Online Writing Center and BrainFuse, our online tutoring platform.
  • When are the remote tutoring services offered?
    Hours during the Fall session are Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. You can schedule an appointment any time within that frame as long as there is a half-hour notice for the tutor to prepare.
  • How can I reschedule or cancel my appointment?
    Log in to TutorTrac and reschedule or cancel the appointment.  If you need assistance, contact the ASC Leads (contact information is at the end of this page).
  • I got a cancellation email. What do I do now?
    You might get a cancellation email when the tutor calls in sick or is having technical issues at the time of your appointment. When you get notified of a cancelled appointment, you may find another tutor available at that time or try a different date. Remember that you can schedule a tutor 30 minutes prior to the start time, so this can increase your chance of finding another. In some instances, we can arrange a substitute tutor that can assist you. Contact the ASC Leads if you need assistance in rescheduling an appointment.
  • What happens if my tutor doesn’t show up?
    Your tutor may be experiencing technical difficulties at the moment and may be trying to reconnect. If this is the case, try to stay on the WebEx meeting for about 10 minutes. If the tutor still doesn’t show, call the ASC Leads. We’ll find some additional solutions that may help you. We apologize in advance!


Brainfuse is the online tutoring support service for students who need assistance. The service is accessible 24/7 using the following link: Use your MEID and password to login and request assistance from a tutor (not EMCC).

Academic Success Center Leads

Our Mission

Supporting EMCC students through exceptional educational services, learning environments, programs, guidance, and resources to:

  • Reinforce and supplement classroom instruction.
  • Improve learning efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Support classroom instruction.
  • Create learning communities.

Program Goals

  • Provide academic support to increase student success and help students become independent learners.
  • Provide learning environments to meet students’ academic goals.
  • Assist students with study strategies to build self-confidence in understanding the learning subject matter of an academic course.

Contact Us

For immediate info, please call us at the following:

  • Math & Science Success: 623-935-8221
  • Writing Success: 623-935-8189
  • Reading, Languages and Occupational Success: 623-935-8436

Email us at: Please do not submit writing assignments to this email. Online paper critiques can only be submitted through the Online Writing Center.