Online Tutoring

Remote Tutoring

Remote Tutoring allows you to see a tutor face-to-face by use of online web conferencing. Our tutors use Cranium Cafe to communicate via webcam and microphone. There are also screen-sharing capabilities, which is perfect for online homework assignments through MOER and Canvas.

Cranium Café

The Academic Success Center uses Cranium Cafe to conduct virtual tutoring sessions. It allows our tutors to interact with students via video meetings, instant chat, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard space. Students can access Cranium Café using the following link: You will need to enter your MEID and password to get access to the tutors.

How to Meet with a Remote Tutor

Remote Tutoring - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Remote Tutoring the same as Online Tutoring?
    Yes and No. Remote Tutoring is face-to-face using online web conferencing tools. Online Tutoring includes our Online Writing Center and BrainFuse.
  • What to expect:
    You will need to ensure that your camera and microphone are turned on for the session. If a tutor is with another student, you may need to wait a few minutes to get assistance.


Brainfuse is an online tutoring support service for students who need assistance. The service is accessible 24/7 using the following link: Use your MEID and password to log in and request assistance from a tutor (not EMCC).

Online Writing Center  

The Online Writing Center offers paper reviews and feedback for any EMCC writing assignment. To access the Online Writing Center and submit a paper, students need to click on the link above. The PDF guide below, “How to Submit a Writing Assignment,” further explains the paper submission process. Once the paper submission screen is displayed, students will be prompted to provide the following: course information, assignment instructions, and the areas that need to be reviewed. 

The Writing Success Center makes every effort to return papers within 48 hours. *Exceptions include peak periods during the semester; return time increases during midterms and the end of the semester when paper volume is high. Papers that are submitted prior to Final Exams Week will still be reviewed in the order in which they are received. New paper submissions will not be accepted during Final Exams Week; however, we will be offering face-to-face tutoring in person and over video through Cranium Café. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rachel Aborne, Program Coordinator for the Writing Success Center, at or call the Academic Success Center Front Desk at 623-935-8221.