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 Online Writing Center 

The EMCC Online Writing Center offers paper critique of any writing assignment with a 24 -72 hours return policy including weekends and holidays. To access the online writing center and submit a paper, click on the link above and provide information regarding your course, details of the assignment and what you would like the tutor to focus on as they critique the paper. You will receive your critiqued paper in your Maricopa email.

Video tutorial: How to submit a paper to the Online Writing Center

Online Tutoring Through Smarthinking

24/7 Online tutoring through Smarthinking is available for students taking online and/or hybrid courses at EMCC. Smarthinking provides tutoring in a variety of subjects.

Five Ways to Improve your Tutoring Feedback in order to make the most of your Smarthinking tutoring session:

  1. Look at the sample submissions in "How to write up your problem" for ideas on how to best phrase your question/identify your exact need for help to a smarthinking tutor.

  2. Always attach or cut-and-paste an original description of your essay or assignment and/or any instructions from your instructor;

  3. If you have a common weak area, for example, grammar, quadratic equations, or calculating moles in Chemistry, identify these to the tutor if they may pop up in the assignment you are submitting. Typically look at what comments the instructor wrote on your last paper or exam and write them up in your problem description for the tutor.

  4. Look at the sample submissions or view one of the three general walk-through videos (personal essay, submit a research paper and submit a math problem ) to demo what you need to do.

  5. Always save your 'response' from Smarthinking and take to your instructor or to the Academic Success Center for further questions, to verify the tutoring recommendations or answers, or if the response is unclear.

  • Minimum Operating System Version: Windows XP, Mac OS-X (10.4)

  • Minimum Browser Version:
    Windows - Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 12, or Google Chrome
    Macintosh - Safari 5 or Firefox 12

  • Internet Connection: 56k or greater

  • Security: Cookies/Javascript enabled and pop-ups allowed for "smarthinking.com"

  • Technical Support Web: http://www.pearsoned.com/higher-education/products-and-services/smarthinking/resources-support

  • Technical Support: (888) 430-7429, ext. 1 (M-F, 8am - 6pm Eastern time)

FAQs for Smarthinking

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Make sure that your browser is set up to allow cookies and pop-up windows. SMARTHINKING uses both of these.

  • Make sure that you have Java installed. If you need to install Java, go to http://www.java.com and follow the instructions for the free download.

  • Make sure you have Flash™ 7.0.19+ for Windows or Mac OS X installed. Install Flash™ if it is not already installed, or update here.

Need help using SMARTHINKING? E-mail Customer Support at support@smarthinking.com or call (888) 430-7429 ext. 1r.