HESI Workshops

HESI A2 Test Prep Workshops

The HESI workshops are provided by the Academic Success Center to prepare students for the HESI A2 exam.  Students are encouraged to take the assessment before the workshops and to meet with a tutor for additional assistance. All workshops are free and will be held on the EMCC main campus in Estrella Hall, room EST S133.

Assessment: EdReady HESI prep course from GWCC (free).

  • Go to maricopa.edready.org Log in with your MEID and password.
  • Enter key: “gatewayhesi” and click “get started”.
  • On your dashboard click “Go to Goal”.
  • Click “Start diagnostic” to begin. Take the diagnostic test to check your current skill level.
  • A personalized study plan created based on the diagnostics. You can click “Learn” and it will take you to a lesson plan or you can click “Test” to take a quick test on the specific area.
  • Please bring your results to share with a tutor at the sessions for personalized support.

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Spring 2023 Workshops are offered during the following days and times on the Estrella Campus

Grammar Math Reading & Vocabulary Informational & Anatomy
September 11th 1pm September 12th 1pm September 13th 1pm  September 14th 1pm
October 16th 1pm October 17th 1pm October 18th 1pm October 19th 1pm
November 13th pm November 14th 1pm November 15th 1pm November 16th 1pm

For additional information, please contact the Academic Success Center at 623-935-8221.