Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

The dates listed below which are directly related to instruction refer to the traditional academic year.  Some courses may be offered over time periods for which these dates are not applicable.  Most dates are based on the Maricopa County Community College District Academic Calendar and are subject to change without notice.


Fall 2022
August 20, 2022 Classes Begin*
(including 8-Week Session #1)
September 5, 2022 Observance of Labor Day (Campus Closed)
September 19, 2022 Find-A-Class Opens for Spring 2023
October 3, 2022 Priority Registration for Spring 2023 Begins
October 10, 2022 Last Day for Withdrawal without Instructor's Signature
  Open Registration for Spring 2023 Begins for All Students
  Student Withdrawal with Instructor’s Signature Begins
October 24, 2022 8-Week Session #2 Classes Begin*
November 11, 2022 Observance of Veterans Day (Campus Closed) 
November 24-27,2022 Thanksgiving Holiday (Campus Closed)
December 5, 2022 Tuition Due for Spring 2023 Semester
December 11, 2022 Last Day of Classes
December 12-16, 2022 Final Exams
December 16, 2022 Fall Semester Ends
December 23, 2022 - January 2, 2023 Mid-Year Recess (Campus Closed)


Spring 2023  
October 10, 2022 Open Registration for Spring 2023 Begins for All Students  
January 14, 2023 Classes Begin*
(including 8-Week Session #1)
January 16, 2023 Observance of M. L. King Birthday (Campus Closed)  
February 20, 2023 Observance of Presidents' Day (Campus Closed)  
March 4, 2023 Last Day for Withdrawal Without Instructor's Signature  
March 6, 2023 Summer/Fall 2023 Priority Registration for Currently Enrolled Students  
March 13-19, 2023 Spring Break (Campus Closed March 16-20)  
March 20, 2023 Summer/Fall 2023 Open Registration for All Students Begins  
March 20, 2023 8-Week Session #2 Classes Begin*  
May 7, 2023 Last Day of Regular Classes  
May 8-12, 2023 Final Exams (See Final Exam Calendar)  
May 12, 2023 Commencement  
May 12, 2023 Spring Semester Ends  
May 29, 2023 Observance of Memorial Day (Campus Closed)  

* For specific information concerning registration dates, class start dates, application for graduation dates, and final exam dates, consult your class schedule.

+ Log in to your Student Center account to see the Last Day to Withdraw without an Instructor Signature for each class in which you are enrolled.

++Refer to the Important Deadlines for Students to determine the Last Day Student Initiated Withdrawal will be accepted.