Online Learning

Online Learning

At Estrella Mountain student success is enhanced through a wide range of internet-supported options. Online Learning is an electronically supported instructional process that creates, fosters, delivers, assesses and facilitates student-centered interactive learning anytime and anywhere. The primary focus for the past several years has been the development of the Hybrid and Online Learning Programs.

EMCC’s course content, Academic Rigor, and credits earned is the same across all course formats. For example, ENG 101 covers the same material in a traditional, hybrid, and on-line format, and is worth the same number of credits. The major difference is in how time is managed in each format.

Students who are most successful in distance learning environments possess certain types of skills and attributes before they begin these types of classes.

Hybrid and online classes require students to be highly proactive in scheduling dedicated chunks of time to review class materials, participate in online discussions, complete assignments, and submit work via the internet. EMCC students have said that these classes have actually helped them improve their time management skills.

  • Hybrid Course Offerings are a blend of face-to-face instruction with online learning. Convenient for you and your lifestyle, Hybrid courses spend approximately half the time in class and half the time online. So for a 3 credit course, students spend 1 hour 15 minutes each week focusing on experiential learning and clarification of concepts. Students spend the remaining time working from home (or library) to complete class assignments, participate in on-line discussions, and reviewing on-line materials.
  • Online Course Offerings can be accessed anywhere and anytime via the internet and a web browser. While this is an online course, students still spend significant time interacting and engaging online with their instructor, classmates, and course material. All lecture materials, assignments, quizzes, tests are all on-line (accessed via the internet).