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Once an Estrella Mountain Lion, Always Part of the Pride!
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If you graduated or attended Estrella Mountain, then you are considered one of EMCC's remarkable alumni. The college welcomes you to officially join the Estrella Mountain Community College Alumni Association (EMCCAA)! The new alumni association is a network of proud Estrella Mountain Lions supporting each other and encouraging new students to explore the college. EMCCAA members are active in communities from local to global, contributing time and talents to make a difference, mentor students, support scholarships, and champion major initiatives of the college.

Join the Estrella Mountain Alumni Association by completing the online membership form, or contact a member of our alumni team for more information. Stay engaged in the college and community!

  • Free membership
  • Quarterly news and updates
  • Special alumni events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career and employment services
  • Free library services
  • 10% discount at the campus bookstore on all EMCC-branded merchandise (excluding textbooks)
  • Alumni advisory board (under development)
  • Student mentoring program (under development)
  • And more to come!

It’s your turn to lead the pride!

EMCCAA Mission

The mission of the Estrella Mountain Community College Alumni Association is to honor the heritage of Estrella Mountain and the legacy of its students and graduates. By fostering lifelong connections among alumni, students, faculty, staff, and the community, EMCCAA encourages meaningful involvement and leadership to benefit all. EMCCAA strives to cultivate goodwill and support for the college by sponsoring social, educational, philanthropic, and service-oriented programs.