Administration of Justice

If you’ve always been interested in the criminal justice system, criminology, or forensic science, consider enrolling in the Administration of Justice program. This program will prepare you for a career in crime scene investigation, corrections, law enforcement, homeland security, and public safety.

The program offers a comprehensive education in the study of the criminal justice process, including law enforcement, courts, probation, parole, security, and criminology. You will also learn community policing, evidence technology, how the principles of criminal justice laws have evolved, and so much more.

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Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges.

Fast Track Certificate, which can be completed in two semesters or less.

The Administration of Justice Studies Program at EMCC is designed to prepare men and women for careers within the criminal justice system. It is interdisciplinary in nature and provides the student with a broad knowledge of the conceptual occupational issues and concerns existent within the criminal justice system. The program also provides current criminal justice professionals with the opportunity for continued education and academic growth and development.

As an Administration of Justice Studies student, you will automatically become a member of the Administration of Justice Studies Institute, which will provide you with specialized advising, the opportunity for practical on-the-job experience through an internship with a federal, state, county or local criminal-justice agency, and even a study hall with faculty tutors.

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