Psychology explains general principles that govern behavior while recognizing individual differences. Psychology spans all aspects of human development, from prenatal development to addressing the needs of an aging population. Future psychologists can envision prospective work environments in anything from educational settings to private practices, human resources to not-for-profit community agencies, and scientific research centers to mental healthcare organizations.

The Psychology program will help you gain the skills to identify interrelationships between biological, psychological, and socio-cultural processes and utilize scientific findings and theories to generate new ideas and problem solve. For a truly limitless future, the study of psychology prepares you for endless career paths.

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Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges.

Associate Degrees and University Transfer
Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Psychology

Imagine helping people transform their lives and solve some of life's most intriguing mysteries. The Psychology program at EMCC introduces students to the field of Psychology, defined as the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Psychology is a broad field that includes the study of individuals and groups, cognition and the brain, lifespan development, the functioning of organizations, and socio-cultural issues such as gender, ethnicity, race, and the intersection of identity with culture.

Students get to work on unique research projects from beginning to end and share their research at various conferences. They get hands-on opportunities, such as involvement in experiments, research, and lab activities that examine human thought and behavior. Students also get the chance to partake in extracurricular activities, such as membership in Psi Beta (the psychology honor society), Psychology movie nights, and guest speakers. Students in EMCC’s Psychology program earn an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science, which prepares them for transfer to a four-year program.