Ginny Boyle

Degree/Area of Study

Public Administration

Class of Year
EMCC Student
Returning student achieves honors in journey to help those in need

Virginia Boyle, known as Ginny, is a current Estrella Mountain Community College student and the 2017 recipient of the All-USA Academic Team scholarship for the college. Her hard work earned her that prestigious award, as well as many other honors, like being a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member. In addition to her public administration studies, it is her many collegiate and community activities that have help shaped the path of this Ohio native.

Boyle served as a liaison for the Hattie Larlham Foundation in connection with Cleveland Indians Charities and its outreach autism camps in the Goodyear achools, as well as a Phi Theta Kappa activities facilitator at Estrella Mountain, and did volunteer work at her parish with the St. Vincent de Paul Society, work with Aqua Fria Food Bank.

Through these affiliations, her hands-on work helped Boyle realize find her focus. The scholarship will allow her to continue her studies at Northern Arizona University where she will work to earn a bachelor’s degree in public administration, with a focus on advocating for meal programs and facilitating educational information about eating and good health.

A mother herself, Boyle knows the importance of food as a child’s daily foundation to success. “I want to be a part of helping parents and families not only access programs that allow them to receive food or funding for their meals, but also to help them learn about healthy shopping, cooking, and eating,” she said.

Like many students in the community college environment, Boyle went back to school after putting her college career on hold at a younger age to raise a family. She was concerned about what it would be like as an older student on a campus where many other students might be considerably younger. As she got involved with her studies and activities at EMCC, Boyle says that “the environment was so supportive that it helped me with my determination to be successful.” She credits the students, faculty, and staff with creating an open environment that is beneficial for students of all ages.

Boyle is scheduled to graduate from EMCC this May in the Class of 2017.