Foster Youth Champions

Foster Youth Champions

Maricopa Community Colleges, in partnership with the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, has created the Bridging Success Initiative, which provides educational support for foster youth and youth aging out of foster care.

When you receive support through the Bridging Success Initiative, you will have access to the resources you need to make the transition to adulthood, including basic needs support, tutoring, academic counseling, career planning, skill development, and any additional support you may need.

We also have staff and faculty who have received training about the potential challenges a youth aging out of care may face. These staff and faculty are committed to advocating for your success. Look for this symbol on campus to find a foster youth advocate:

Our foster youth advocates can help you with:
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Employment
  • Housing Resources
  • Transportation
  • Mentoring and Affiliation Opportunities
  • Financing Your Education
  • And more...

We are here to support you!

If you need help with your education or navigating campus life, we are here for you!

You can also reach out to Laura Dulgar, who can provide additional support and resources. Contact her at or 623-935-8808.

Listed below are EMCC's Foster Youth Champions. You can contact any of these Champions if you have questions or need assistance. Don't be afraid to ask for help! We are ready to help you succeed at your goals!

Admissions and Records

Contact for questions about transcripts, proving residency, and identity verification.

Ralph Campbell
Student Services Director



William Chandler
Student Services Analyst



Enrique "Henry" Izaguirre
Student Services Specialist, Senior



Contact for questions about degree, certificate, and transfer options.


Rikki Karren
Student Services Analyst



Contact if you need help applying for college or enrolling, or you're just
not sure where to start.

Catrina Kranich
Student Services Director


Financial Aid

Contact for questions about how to pay for college.

Stephanie Osuna
Student Services Specialist, Senior


Student Business Services

Anna Sifuentes
Fiscal Specialist


Computer Commons

Martina Meraz
Instructional Services Supervisor




Kimberly Graber
Counseling Faculty


Student Life

Tulani Garnett
Student Services Specialist, Senior



Samantha Dean
Administrative Specialist



Career and Transfer Center / Workforce Development

Tracy Tanner
Student Services Analyst, Senior



Brenda Nelson
Student Services Analyst


Faculty Support

Sylvia Orr
Dean of Institutional/Academic Support



Ongoing Support

At EMCC, the Dean and Vice President of Student Affairs staff want to help you succeed. If you need support once you are on campus, you can contact them.

Laura Dulgar
Dean of Student Affairs



Sharon Lind
Program Coordinator