Your Guide to Virtual Career Interviews

A Glimpse of Your Future...

Want to know what your dream job is really like?

Beginning this Summer, EMCC is giving you the opportunity to participate in virtual career interviews with professionals already working in your preferred field!

Virtual career interviews are brief meetings, usually thirty minutes or less, done by telephone or videoconference with people who hold the job title you want. You get to ask questions from someone with first-hand experience.

The purpose of a career interview is not to get a job, but to find out if your chosen career fits your interests and personality.

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Why Participate?

Career interviews can help you:

  • Learn the realities of working in your desired career 
  • Narrow your career focus and goals 
  • Get an inside look at an organization 
  • Develop a network of professionals in your chosen career 

How to Participate

Submit your request for a virtual career interview using our Career Exploration webform.

Workforce Development staff will find professionals in your chosen career who may be available to meet with you by telephone or video conference. Let us know if there is someone in your personal network (friends, family, professors) who you think would be good to contact.

Search LinkedIn and other professional organizations online for names and contacts. Share the names of professionals you find with Workforce staff for their review and help before you contact them. 

Workforce Development staff can be reached at:


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Step 1: Initiate Contact

Once Workforce staff provides you with the name of a professional to interview, you should contact the professional.

Prepare an email or telephone script in advance so you feel comfortable and appear professional.

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Step 2: Schedule the Interview

Schedule the interview carefully, choosing either a telephone or video-conference meeting, and choose a time that works for both of you.

Be ready to express to the professional what you hope to accomplish in the interview so they can prepare, too.


Step 3: Research and Prepare

Know the name of the person you are interviewing, their job title, and the correct pronunciation of their name

Research your chosen profession and important industry trends.

Prepare a list of open-ended questions so the professional can give detailed answers.

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At the End of the Interview

Conclude your meeting as you would a face-to-face interview by thanking the professional for their time.

Ask if email is the best method for staying in touch (so you will be sure that your thank you message gets through), and whether they know other professionals you could interview to get additional perspectives.

This will give you the opportunity to build your network as you interview other professionals working in the job you want.

After the interview, be sure to send a note to the professional to thank them for helping you.

Have Questions?

For links to interviewing resources and tips, visit our Career Services Resources page. Workforce Development staff are also available to answer your questions and can be reached at