Maricopa Student Research Conference

Maricopa Student Research Conference

Overview and Purpose

The purpose of the Student Research Conference is to provide students with the experience of presenting their own work in a formal conference environment. Students are required to work with a faculty mentor and must submit their proposals for presentation through this mentor.

Estrella Mountain Community College will be hosting this year's Maricopa Student Research Conference. We are encouraging proposals for presentations that demonstrate research in disciplines and subjects in the 3 designated Research Track (see below). There is a three-student maximum per team. Poster board size is determined by participants.


Students will engage in rigorous undergraduate research with a faculty mentor and present their research in an academic conference environment.


  • Students will demonstrate critical and creative thinking by developing *original research for presentation.
  • Students will demonstrate communication mastery through presentation of their *original work.
  • Students will demonstrate team research by collaborating with a mentor in the development of this project.

*Original research is research that was created by a student or a group of students through their own effort in the current academic year. Student's research is considered original even when it is based on the research of others (properly cited) or if it furthers an idea or theme that was created by someone else.

This event is open to students from the 10 Maricopa Community Colleges.

Research Tracks 

  1. Humanities/Social Behavioral Sciences
  2. Occupational Education
  3. Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (S.T.E.M.)

The Council on Undergraduate Research has many helpful resources:


  • Proposal Rubric
  • Oral Presentation Rubric
  • Poster Board Rubric