Laboratory Policies

The first lab session instructors will inform students about safety rules and regulations. This ensures that all personnel entering the lab will be prepared to handle the equipment and chemicals provided. If there are any additional hazards, instructors will give the added safety information preceding the specific laboratory procedure.  

All personnel must adhere to the scheduled times when entering or leaving the lab. Unauthorized entry into the laboratory at any time is strictly prohibited. Anyone found in violation of this policy will face disciplinary action. For more information about lab hours or safety policies, please contact the Laboratory Coordinator.

Darryl Ferra

EMCC Laboratory Coordinator


Phone: 623-935-8421

Laboratory Safety Procedures 

Handling reacting chemicals have inherent dangers, so we minimize those dangers and safety is taught to the students as part of the lab courses. For each class section, the proper protective equipment and training is given to students which will be provided based on hazard level.

This includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Splash Goggles
  • Nitrile, heat resistant, and chemical specific Gloves (depending on class needs)
  • Safety Orientation on the first day of lab (given by the teachers), and sometimes weekly depending on class level and severity of hazards.

By having the proper safety measures in place, our workplace ensures that all personnel, including students, are safeguarded and the risks associated with handling reacting chemicals are minimized.