If you have students in your class who you are concerned with and want to share your concerns or who are being disruptive please feel free to call, email.

What can we do for you?

  • Consultation – If you have a question regarding student behavior that you view as disturbing, disruptive or dysregulated, but the student is not an immediate threat to self or others we recommend you either contact the Dean of Students Office at 623-935-8814, or you can call anyone of our counseling faculty by contacting the Counseling Office at 623-935-8909.  You can also email the dean at laura.dulgar@estrellamountain.edu.
  • Discipline Referral – If a student is exhibiting disruptive behavior in the classroom even after you have confronted the behavior you can refer the student to the Dean of Students.  Report the incident here: https://district.maricopa.edu/consumer-information/reporting.  Remember to provide as many details as possible and avoid diagnosing behavior or using inflammatory language to describe the situation.

When making a referral:

       I.   Discuss with the student this unacceptable behavior

      II.   Provide all students with the Student Code of Conduct

     III.   If the behavior persists, you may:

  • Remove the student from one class period
  • Require the student to meet with the Dean of Students.
  • Be sure to include your division chair in all matters that effect the classroom learning environment.

 For more information see the Academic Misconduct policy on our website at https://www.estrellamountain.edu/students/policies/rights-responsibilities

  • Public Safety Threat – If you feel a student is either an immediate threat to him or herself or to others, call our Public Safety Office at once at 623-935-8911-Off-Campus/58911-On-Campus or use the emergency call box in the classroom/building hallways and an officer will be dispatched to assist.  

Working together we can keep EMCC a safe environment to work and learn.

Laura Dulgar