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The nationally recognized Achieving a College Education (ACE) program serves over 100 local high schools in the valley and helps high school students earn a college degree.

ACE students are high school juniors and seniors currently enrolled in college courses while attending regular high school. Throughout their junior and senior years, ACE students receive college scholarships so they can take classes at EMCC and experience the college environment.

Classes meet during the regular summer sessions and on Saturdays during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Besides attending classes, ACE students and their families participate in an orientation and a series of ongoing activities and events such as financial aid workshops designed to keep them informed and connected throughout the two years. It is important to recognize that ACE students enrolled at one of the Maricopa Community Colleges are considered college students with all the corresponding rights, responsibilities, privileges and benefits.

Upon graduating from high school, an ACE student will have earned up to 24 transferable college credits.

Application Opens on October 16th

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The ACE program is looking for high school sophomores who have taken at least 6 high school credits at the time of the application submission and who meet two or more of the following criteria:

  • First generation to attend college
  • Single parent home
  • Underrepresented group
  • Economic hardship
  • Environmental factors (Works 10-30 hours, foster care, lives in temporary housing, teen parent)

Application Process

October – December

During your high school sophomore year, EMCC ACE recruiters come to some of the high schools and give students ACE applications and information regarding EMCC's ACE Program. Students can also contact the ACE Program to receive an application and more information. All high school sophomores are eligible to apply for the traditional ACE Program.

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All ACE applicants are notified whether they have been accepted into the ACE Program.

Students who are accepted into the ACE program will receive a scholarship offer. They will then contact their preferred college to accept the scholarship and attend a mandatory New ACE Student Orientation.


New ACE Cohort Orientations include the following:

New ACE Student Orientation

New ACE Family Orientation

Assessment Testing


Frequently Asked Questions


Miyah Gaston
Early College ACE & Hoop of Learning Coordinator
Main: 623-935-8900
Direct: 623-935-8986

All Early College Programs, including the ACE Program, can be found in the Komatke Enrollment Center at EMCC. Parking Lot CE is closest to our office.