Taking Online & Hybrid Classes

Taking Online & Hybrid Classes

Course content is the same for all formats (online, hybrid, in-person). For example, ENG 101 covers the same material and is the same number of credits, but the delivery method is different depending on the type of class you enroll in. The major difference is in how time is managed in each format.

Internet-supported classes provide flexible and dynamic learning opportunities for students who might not be able to attend traditional classes due to work or life commitments.

Internet-supported classes require students to:

  • participate in online discussions
  • complete assignments by specific deadlines
  • submit coursework via an internet connection
  • be highly proactive in scheduling dedicated chunks of time to review class materials

Successful online learners:

  • are well-organized
  • have strong reading and written communication skills.
  • are efficient time managers
  • possess basic computer skills
  • have access to a reliable computer and consistent internet connection
  • know when to ask for help
  • proactively use EMCC’s learning support services and resources.

EMCC students have said online and hybrid classes have helped them improve their time management skills. Online and hybrid classes may not be the right fit for all students, so being prepared with your skillset PRIOR to the start of class is essential.