What kind of adult learner are you?

Adult learners: Your success is our success!

As an adult, you know that the world moves at a rapid pace. Responsibilities, professions, and entire industries change overnight.

While some see rapid change as an obstacle, you see it as an opportunity to be better and stronger.


We are here to help.


Whether you're recareering, getting additional certification, or securing the degree you need to move ahead, we can help you meet all of your educational and professional goals.

Working adults rely on Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) for:

  • The convenience of online and evening courses with flexible start dates, so you can earn a degree while working 
  • Faculty with real-world experience who know what you need to learn to succeed
  • Programs, departments, and nationally recognized institutes that are directly tied to your passions and ambitions


Ready to join the EMCC Pride? Tell us more about you...


I want to finish my degree.

With easy credit transfer, affordable tuition, and flexible learning options, you can finish your degree at EMCC!


I want to change careers.

Have you discovered a new passion that you want to turn into a career? We offer certificates, associate degrees, and easy transfer to over 40 colleges and universities nationwide!


I am a first-time college student.

We offer support at every level of your educational journey, from advising and financial aid to tutoring, counseling, and career development opportunities.


I am seeking personal enrichment.

Want to learn a new skill or explore new ideas? EMCC's community education and non-credit options make it easy to be a life-long learner.

The Learning College Experience

EMCC is different than most colleges because we follow the Learning College philosophy, where learning happens any way, any place, any time. Our faculty and staff are ready to engage when you need it, and students have the chance to participate in a collaborative and stimulating campus environment.

Every facet of the EMCC experience is designed to provide you with the information, concepts, and perspectives you need to reach your academic and personal goals.

This is a picture of Tonia Smith, Airforce Veteran and EMCC graduate.


“I love it here. Being able to joke with other veterans who understand what I’m talking about makes me feel less odd. It’s good to be around like-minded individuals. We all understand each other.”


~ Tonia Smith
   Airforce Veteran and EMCC Graduate

Have Questions?

If you are interested in attending EMCC but still have questions about how college will fit into your life, contact our Advisement office to speak with an advisor. We are confident that we offer the flexibility and support services you need to move forward.


Phone: 623-935-8888

E-Mail: askadvisor@estrellamountain.edu