Personal Interests

Personal Interests

You CAN lead a life that inspires you!

For some, life means more than a job title, a corner office, or a list of responsibilities. It’s a chance to follow your calling. It’s an ongoing search for answers to important questions like, “who am I, and what impact do I want to make in my community?”

Finding meaning and joy in what you do every day doesn’t have to be out of reach. It’s why we have designed our degree, program, and course offerings to align with your unique vision and passion.

We want to help you pursue what matters to you and explore new ideas. So, whether you want to learn a skill, begin a new career, or transfer to a university, EMCC has the resources and programs in place to propel you on your journey forward. We also offer community education and non-credit options that make it easy to be a lifelong learner.

So tell us – what’s truly meaningful to you?

We’ll help you explore your options and develop the skills you need to lead a life that inspires you.

Explore our degrees and programs for adult and online learners, or start your application today. You can also check out our Career and Transfer Center and Community Education Department to explore the vast number of career and personal development opportunities EMCC offers.