Flexible Learning Options for Adults

Continuing your education while balancing home and work life. 

Why is EMCC the right fit for busy adults and online learners? Because the world moves at a rapid pace, and we can’t afford to stay still. Responsibilities, professions, and entire industries change overnight. While some see it as an obstacle some see it as an opportunity to be proactive and embrace change. EMCC sees adult learners like you not as someone simply seeking a degree or certificate, but as a change agent wanting "more out of life”. You are someone who wants to leave a lasting impact in your community. 

EMCC is a Learning College that is centered on creating an environment that enhances learning any way, any place, any time. Students experience a collaborative and stimulating environment which stresses a solid foundation of general education. Each facet of the EMCC experience is designed to provide you with the necessary information, knowledge, abilities, intellectual concepts, and perspectives needed to achieve your academic and personal goals.

Working adults rely on EMCC for:

  • The convenience of flexible class formats and evening courses that let you earn a degree while working 
  • Faculty with real-world experience who know what you need to learn to succeed
  • Programs that are directly tied to your passions and ambitions

Everyone has a reason for going back to school. What’s yours?