Life Sciences

Life Sciences

EMCC Community Garden Team
EMCC Community Garden Team

It is the mission of the Division of Life Sciences to provide effective instruction in science courses to allow students to successfully achieve their educational and personal goals (transfer, certificate, and associate). The division is committed to constant assessment of instruction and pedagogy for effective learning and, most importantly, a basic understanding of science literacy for every student.

Whether you are considering a career in environmental or biomedical research, dentistry, medicine, nursing, allied health, or you are a non-majors biology student looking to fulfill a science requirement, our dedicated biology faculty and support staff are here to assist you. We offer a broad range of biology courses to meet your educational and career goals. In addition, our division supports a range of independent research projects and community based endeavors. Whatever your interest in biology we have a place of you!

Our biology course offerings include:

Biology Concepts (BIO100)

Environmental Biology (BIO105)

Marine Biology (BIO145)

Introductory Biology for Allied Health (BIO156)

Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology (BIO160)

General Biology (Majors) I & II (BIO181 & BIO182)

Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II (BIO201 & BIO202)

Microbiology (BIO205)