Human Resources

ADA Accommodation

EMCC HR, in partnership with the District Solutions Center (HRSC), is responsible for overseeing Maricopa’s compliance with the federal and state laws addressing disability discrimination and accommodation, as well as MCCCD policy and philosophy. This partnership affords for a Good Faith Interactive Process and it can serve as a conflict resolution resource. If requested or preferred, either or both EMCC HR and/or HRSC are available to work with individuals as needed. College ADA Coordinators are TJ Ferrer & Heather Weber.

How to request an accommodation:

The ADA interactive process is intended to be a flexible approach that centers on the communication between MCCCD and the employee requesting reasonable accommodation. It often involves obtaining relevant information from a supervisor and the employee’s health care provider. Please contact the ADA coordinator to start the process.



Director, Human Resources

phone | 623 935 8836 • fax | 623 935 8234
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Heather Weber, Ed.D.

Vice President, Administrative Services

phone | 623 935 8840 • fax | 623 935 8008
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ADA forms may be accessed via DO Accommodation Requests and Forms to be either completed electronically and saved or printed for manual completion.