Learning Philosophy

Learning Philosopy

A Message from the President

Welcome to Estrella Mountain's Learning Philosophy web page. As you explore our progress, remember, we are doing it as a learning-centered organization that deeply values teaching, learning and caring. Our role is to provide the most comprehensive learning experience possible. The commitment to continually assessing our college programs, policies and practices is a major component to your success. As a part of these efforts, we must put learning first. When faced with a decision, we ask ourselves:

  • How does this improve learning?
  • How do I know?

These two simple Learning Philosophy questions encourage us all to rethink our daily activities, as we meet our college mission. To answer these questions with certainty, we practice a continual process of organizational self-reflection. This means we:

  • Think deeply about what we do each and every day
  • Ask questions about what we are doing, and how it contributes to learning
  • Look for examples that prove how the college is fulfilling its mission

Please take a few minutes to review the information provided. We hope you garner a better understanding of our commitment to learning and your success.


Rey Rivera, Ed.D.
Estrella Mountain Community College