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Guiding Principles

Estrella Mountain puts learning first in 6 significant principles:

Guiding Principles

  • Holding students more accountable for their learning by enforcing student deadlines, adhering to policies on Financial Aid petitions, and no late registration.
  • Using student feedback to modify and improve services and teaching practices.
  • Providing training opportunities for employees to help employees understand the full process of a student requirement.

  • Making sure students understand college policy and procedures through new student orientation and self advocacy.
  • Using case studies and classroom interaction to get student engaged in learning.
  • Referring students to peer mentoring and self-guided study sessions.

  • Utilizing technological methods for delivering information and providing electronic options for learning.
  • Using multiple communication techniques for students to contact the college and receive assistance (e.g. email, text messages, IM, extended office hours, being visible on campus.)
  • Creating modular courses with learning support services.

  • Encourage students to participate in social awareness activities (e.g. Humanequins Project, Domestic Violence awareness, charity drives.)
  • Utilizing a curriculum to teach, but also allowing teaching to be guided by what students say they need.
  • Encourage student to participate in student groups and campus cultural activities.

  • Adjust student support based on the needs of the learners; take into consideration the personal background and life of a student to provide tailored support.
  • Modify course offerings to fit various time schedules (e.g. hybrid, online, modular, open entry-exit schedules.)
  • Assess student needs and adjust course so information and services from other departments are incorporated into the class.

  • Conduct program reviews for departments/division plans from all campus areas to ensure we are helping the learner.
  • Create common assessments for departments and individual courses to ensure everyone is assessing the same objectives and/or skills.
  • Continually update curriculum information, research, changes and processes to ensure we are providing current information and best practices for student success.