Resumes and Interviews

Job Searching Online

Protecting yourself while job searching is of utmost importance. Please review these tips to help you learn about security precautions you can take in your job search online and with job offerings that may come to you through email.

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Job Search Strategies

Direct organizational search: Are you interested in working for a specific company or organization? If so, make sure to visit the “job/career” or "employment" link on their website for the latest employment opportunities available within the company or organization. Also take a look at their social media websites (like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn) for potential job leads and opportunities.

Job search engines: There are many large job search engines available that will allow you to review multiple job posts at once.  However, keep in mind that there are also many applicants applying to these jobs; you should research the company and positions to make sure they meet your standards.

Networking and social media job sites: As social media outlets become increasingly popular in job searching, following companies and searching for jobs through this outlet will allow you to access instant leads that may not be posted elsewhere.