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Online Career Resources

Having to connect a major to a career field can be difficult for many students mainly because ones education can be used for a wide variety of career paths. Although your major does not lock you into a particular career or determine what your career will be, looking at additional resources for you to begin exploring your options is important. Choose any of the links below to find information on different career pathways for different majors, employers that hire in those fields, strategies, and related career titles. Explore your options.



Bureau of Labor Statistics website allows you to search through a list of all occupations alphabetically. Find everything from salary information to advancement opportunities all at once

My Next Move allows you to explore occupations and related information including job openings, salary information, employment outlook and much more! Great visual tool to help you glance through the summary of an occupation. This website will allow you to explore careers by field of study, industry, type of work, or career trait. In addition to gathering a wealth of information, this website also military friendly. You can search military careers and find out which careers are civilian  and/or military.

Inside Jobs offers thousands of unique career profiles that are fun to read and include videos, salary ranges, and work environment information.