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Bus Passes


This program is for the sole use of MCCCD employees and full-time driving age students (fulltime; 12 credit hours equivalent to qualify) and may not be given to or purchased for any other person. The primary use of the transit pass is for commuting to an MCCCD location. Any violation or misuse of the transit subsidy program will result in the loss of privileges.

MCCCD Trip Reduction (TR) Program will pay 50% of the monthly cost of a full-fare Transit Pass for employees.  Students and employees must fill out the Transit Subsidy Form, and submit to their campus TR Site Coordinator and/or designee. Transit passes may be purchased from your campus bookstores. 



Participation in the transit subsidy program is for eligible full-time driving age students and employees of MCCCD only. Qualified individuals are prohibited from purchasing transit passes through the subsidy program for other employees, students, friends, relatives, or any other party.

Only one (1) transit subsidy authorization per month (31-day) per person.

Participants may purchase a 31-day transit pass or a Fall/Spring semester pass; full-time driving age students only – 12 credit hours or more.

Regular prices for Transit Passes are as follows:

                  Local Fare:                     Monthly/31-day                                 $  32.00

                  Semester Pass:  Fall:      August 15 – December 31               $115.00                                                   Spring:    January 1 – May 15                           $115.00


At the time of purchase, requestor must be a registered full-time (12-credit hours or more) student of MCCCD.

The student must commute to campus at least two days per week via bus/light rail.

Student must purchase 31-day pass at out-of-pocket cost of $32 for local pass.

Semester passes are for Fall and Spring only and may be purchased at out-of-pocket cost of $115.00 per semester. – no summer pass subsidy


May be full or part-time MCCCD employees (30 hrs/week or more)

Participant must commute to MCCCD work site at least two days per week

Participant must commute to MCCCD work site via bus/light rail at least two days per week

Employee must purchase 31-day passes at out-of-pocket cost of $32 for local pass.

Student worker/employee (*CWS) is not eligible for the employee rate 

Transit Subsidy Order Form:

For each issuance, verify the eligibility of the participant

Fill in the order form completely. Don’t forget to designate the month for the transit pass

Have the requestor sign the form in your presence. Have the appropriate staff member endorse the form. Do not have student workers issuing the transit subsidy order form. (Please note that the bookstore can reject the form if it is not properly signed and completed.)

TR Site Coordinator or designee should keep the golden rod (colored) copy for their records. Participant must provide the white, canary and pink copies to the bookstore

These forms may not be duplicated

Fall semester transit passes may be issued through September 10th only. Spring semester passes may be issued through January 31st only.

31-Day passes may be purchased throughout the month/year by employees

If you have any questions, please contact me at (480) 731-8058, or by email at: dennis.ellsworth@domail.maricopa.edu

Thank you for taking part in the Clean Air Campaign sponsored by the Maricopa County Air Quality Department and MCCCD.