Solicitation Information and Resources

Solicitation Information and Resources

Procedure for Petition Signature Solicitation

1. This regulation shall govern access to college premises by representatives who wish to solicit signatures on petitions for the purpose of submission of a ballot proposition to voters, or nomination of a candidate for elective office, in a city, county, or state-wide election.

2. Each college president shall designate general hours of accessibility for solicitation and a location on college premises where all representatives on behalf of any candidate or ballot proposition may solicit signatures. The location shall be in a common area where the solicitation will not serve as an obstruction to student activities or otherwise disrupt the college environment.

3. All solicitation must take place in designated areas. Standard space may include one or two tables and chairs. Campus restrictions regarding amplification will apply. Representatives may not distribute or make available to students, employees, or college visitors any tangible item, except for informational literature about the proposed candidate or ballot initiative.

4. Representatives shall notify the designated official at each college or center for their intent to be present on college premises no fewer than three working days prior to soliciting signatures. Upon obtaining authorization, representatives shall be provided a written version of this regulation. (MCCCD Administrative Regulation 2.4.8)

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College Procedures

  1. Prior notice must be provided to the Student Life Office via the online form provided no fewer than three (3) days before soliciting signatures. Representative must provide company name, supervisor and contact information, and may also be asked to provide pertinent information on the initiative(s) such as purpose/candidate and anticipated election date. Representative will receive a copy of the Petition Signature Solicitation Administrative Regulation (AR 2.4.8) and provide his/her signature at time of check-in to demonstrate agreement to abide by this regulation.
  2. Representative must check-in and show a personal form of legal identification at the Student Life Office (SC-185) each day on campus prior to soliciting any signatures. Representative will wear a name badge provided by the office throughout the duration of his/her time on campus.
  3. Representative must check-out and return name badge each day on campus prior to leaving.
  4. Representative is welcome on campus Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, so long as time on campus does not exceed two (2) days per month. Additional time may be requested and will be granted by the Director of Student Life as space is available. No petition signature solicitors will be welcome on campus during the first two weeks and last two weeks of the semester.
  5. Representative will be directed to a college-designated area (see map) and be provided a table and chairs, unless otherwise specified by the college for a special event. Due to space limitations, no more than three (3) representative(s) will be permitted on campus at any one time. No more than two (2) people may occupy any one space. Concurrent representation of like initiatives or ballots will not be permitted. Space is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. Representative must remain within a five (5) foot radius of the above designated location(s). Representative will not in any way stop the flow of traffic, approach students or employees or disrupt the college environment. Students and employees may approach the representative of their own accord.
  7. Representative may place banners or signs on the table to encourage interest. Banners and signs may not be adhered to any surface.

Failure to comply with MCCCD policies and administrative regulations could result in the termination of petition signature solicitation privileges on any or all college campuses. If you have any questions about MCCCD policies and administrative regulations, contact the Office of Public Stewardship at (480) 731-8880 or visit The MCCCD is an EEO/AA institution.