Child Care Assistance Program

Child Care Assistance Program

What is the Child Care Assistance Award Program?

The Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) child care assistance award program is a program designed to supplement the costs of childcare for students attending Estrella Mountain. Students must use a third party child care provider that is licensed/certified by the Department of Economic Security or Arizona Department of Health Services. The Award will supplement the cost of child care for children from birth – 6 years of age. The child care assistance award program is only a supplement and does not pay for child care costs in its entirety. Students are responsible for selecting and paying their licensed provider. EMCC does not endorse any child care providers and does not assume liability for any actions of the providers

Who can apply for the Child Care Assistance Award Program?

EMCC students who can demonstrate a financial need and are enrolled for a minimum of three credit hours may apply. The award amount is based on the number of credits which students are enrolled and the number children in daycare. Students may use the award program in conjunction with other forms of child care assistance such as DES. However, the award amount that a student may receive will be decreased. Students must be enrolled at Estrella Mountain in order to receive this award.

How do I apply for the program?

Applications are available in the Student Union.  Applications must be submitted in person to the Office of Student Life (located in the Student Union). Applications must be complete and include all required documentation including a copy of the birth certificate of all eligible children and verification of income i.e. Federal Income tax form, W-2 forms or check stubs.

For questions or to schedule an appointment for assistance, please contact Samantha Dean at