Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information


Education Benefits applicants must complete a Request for VA Certification every semester in order to receive the benefits. Requests should be submitted 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester in order to avoid a delay in receiving the payments.

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Enrollment Information

Processing Time
Normal processing time for the Veterans Administration is eight to ten weeks from the date you complete your pay request at the Veterans Services Office.

Short Term Classes
Classes less than the normal 16 weeks affect your monthly benefit rate. Consult the Veterans Services Office.

Open Entry/Open Exit Classes
These classes do not have confirmed beginning and ending dates. You must complete these courses before applying for benefits.

Tuition Deferments
Students may apply for a tuition deferment at the Veterans Services Office.

Every veteran is responsible to notify the Veterans Services Office of any change in your schedule or amount of credit hours that you are enrolled. 

Concurrent Enrollment
You are concurrently enrolled when you are attending more than one college.

Parent College
The college from which you intend to graduate.

Supplemental College
A college where you are taking courses, but do not intend to get your degree.

Your Responsibility
Notify each college Veterans Services Office, and let them know if they are the parent or supplemental school.

For the purposes of clarity, the term “new students & dependents” applies to those applicants who have not used VA Education Benefits before at any institution of higher education. Applicants who have used their VA Education Benefits elsewhere are highly encouraged to come into EMCC Veterans Services Office in order to receive assistance with transition of benefits. New applicants must follow these steps:

  1. Apply for VA benefits online:

(Please, ensure that the election Start Date is at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester.) The VA will process the application and send a Certificate of Eligibility letter to the applicant 4-6 weeks later.

  • Application Forms
  • Chapter 33 Veteran: VA Form 22-1990 (First Time applying for benefits)
  • Chapter 33 Veteran: VA Form 22-1995 (Change of Program/Place of Training)
  • Chapter 35/Chapter 33 Fry: VA Form 22-5490 (First Time applying for benefits)
  • Chapter 35/ Chapter 33 Fry: VA Form 22-5495 (Change of Program/Place of Training)
  • Chapter 33 Dependent/TOE: VA Form 22-1990E (First Time applying for benefits)
  • Chapter 33 Dependent/TOE: VA Form 22-5495 (Change of Program/Place of Training)
  • Chapter 31: VA Form 28-1900 (First Time applying for benefits)

2. Set up my.maricopa.edu account. Fill out a Student Admission Application, either online at My.Maricopa.edu (click on “new student”), or in person through Enrollment Services. Once this is complete, the applicant will be issued a student ID # and a Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID).

3. Activate student’s Maricopa email by entering student’s MEID and password at maricopa.edu/google.

  • Important note: All college communications will come via this email address. Mail can be forwarded to a personal email address via the settings.

4. Apply for admission. Go to the Student Center link at my.maricopa.edu and log in with student’s MEID. Click Admissions and follow the instructions to select the college, program and term.

  • Note: To be considered for in-state tuition, the student must submit Declaration of Citizenship or Status form and documentation.

5. Apply for financial aid at studentaid.gov or under Other Links on the Student Center. Visit /students/financial-aid for information about financial assistance (grants, loans, scholarships and work study).

6. Take the mandatory on-campus placement test (new students only). Visit the Estrella Mountain Testing services website for additional information: /students/testing-services (Transferring student see advisor before PAWS and testing).

7. Sign up for the mandatory “PAWS” Priority Advisement Workshop to develop a first semester plan, register for classes and new student orientation.

  • Be sure to bring:
  • Your placement scores
  • Student ID number
  • Any questions

8. Order official military and academic transcripts from ALL colleges previously attended to include CLEP and DANTES (DVA requirement); then request evaluation of those transcripts with the EMCC Admissions & Records Office. The EMCC Veterans Services Center office is able to certify students for only two semesters prior to receiving all academic transcripts from the military and all colleges previously attended. Transcripts must be mailed directly to EMCC.

9. Meet with the EMCC Veterans’ Academic Advisor if questions regarding the determination of the program of study or education planning arise. Students can obtain a copy of this program of study checklist from the EMCC website under the Student tab and Advisement link or the veteran advisor. Veterans Services Center will help navigate the DVA system as it pertains to student veterans. Bring any transcripts (even unofficial) and questions!

10. After enrollment in classes, the student must complete and submit the appropriate proof of benefits entitlement document for the specific chapter (the paperwork listed on Page 5) to Veterans Services Center. If the student has not received the benefit award document yet, he or she can still submit EMCC’s paperwork. However, the student must submit it once it’s been received.

11. Buy or rent textbooks at the college bookstore or online.

12. Attend the Veterans’ New Student Orientation. After orientation, student needs to obtain required student ID from the cashier’s office and the vehicle decal from the campus Public Safety office.

13. Remember, learning starts on day one. Student must have registered and made payment arrangements by the first day of class. Students who do not show up for the first class may be dropped unless prior arrangements with the instructor are made.


The following steps are for those students who are continuing their education from another semester. Every semester, continuing students need to follow these steps:

1. Register Early!! Summer and Fall terms open for enrollment in March; Spring term opens for enrollment in October. Check the academic calendar at www.estrellamountain.edu/academics/academic-calendar for exact dates.

2. Pick necessary classes

Consult the Degree Check-Sheet:

  i.      These can be found at EMCC Degrees & Check Sheets.

  ii.      The student can use the degree progress report in the Student Center on Student Center.

  iii.     Or the student may come in and pick one up at the Veterans Services Center.

  1. Visit http://schedule.estrellamountain.edu/ to start choosing classes. Add the classes to the cart or write down the class number. Build a schedule based on the needs.
  2. Enroll in the classes in the Student Center using the chosen class numbers.

If the student is having trouble picking classes or filling up the schedule, he or she should stop in to the Veterans Services Center for assistance.

3.  Check on transcripts.

  1. Go to the Student Center at https://redirect.maricopa.edu/student-center/  and click the “Other Academic” dropdown box and choose “Transfer Credit Report”.
  2. Ask an advisor.

4. When changing student’s program or degree plan:

1. Fill out the “REQUEST FOR CHANGE OF PROGRAM OR PLACE OF TRAINING” form. VA form 22-1995 for military members or VA Form 22-5495 for dependents.

5. Close to Graduating?

  1. See an advisor to apply for graduation after successful registration.
  2. If the classes will not account for full time: use “Last Semester Roundup” to fill the schedule after seeing an advisor.

6. Request for benefits.

  1. Visit the Veterans Services Center to request the benefits and complete the deferment application. 

*        Don’t forget financial aid! Fill out FAFSA form ASAP after Jan 2nd for the new Fall term!