Campus Security Authority

Campus Security Authority (CSA)

A Campus Security Authority or CSA is any employee of the institution, who is in a position to develop relationships with students, or has a significant responsibility for student and campus activities.  (This includes Board approved full-time employees, temporary RPS employees and any volunteer staff).

The CSA role is responsible to report to College Police any criminal offenses or suspected crimes that they are made aware of as part of the requirements set forth by the Clery Act, a Federal reporting mandate via the Department of Education.

In compliance with the Clery Act, Estrella Mountain Community College Administration will determine who serves as a CSA:

  • Advises them of their role.
  • Describes their responsibilities.
  • Provide annual training.

If you have been identified as a CSA, you are required to be trained annually. This training will increase your understanding of the Clery Act and your roles and responsibilities as a CSA in reporting Clery crimes. To access the training, click on the link below and it will direct you to the Canvas login. Once you are logged in look for Campus Security Authority Training.

Campus Security Authority Training

Campus Security Authority Report form