Parking Permits & Regulations

Parking Permits & General Information

Parking permits are required for all Board approved faculty/staff and adjunct faculty (this DOES NOT include temporary and student workers), who wish to park in the designated “STAFF” parking stalls. Cars parked in these stalls must display proper permits or they will be cited. The permit issued by Estrella Mountain Community College is valid at any Maricopa Community College. There is no fee for the parking permit. Download and complete the Employee Vehicle Registration Form and bring it along with your vehicle registration to the College Police Department.

An out-of-state/out-of-county student or employee who operates or parks a motor vehicle on college property must sign an affidavit that the vehicle complies with Arizona Revised Statute 49-542 relating to vehicle emission testing and compliance. Vehicles which do not comply will not be issued a parking permit.

On autos or trucks, parking permits should be placed or affixed on the inside of the lower front windshield (driver’s side) so that they may be viewed from the outside. On motorized cycles, the permit shall be placed or affixed where it can be seen without difficulty on the front fender or fork. Temporary permits shall be placed on the dashboard or rear view mirror so it may be easily viewed from the outside. If there are any questions or problems concerning the parking permit please speak with a College Police officer.

Parking Regulations

Parking is restricted to vehicles with college business.

An area posted with short-term parking limits may only be used for the purpose of conducting short-term business in a college facility and only for the specified time limits. Exceeding the specified time limits is prohibited.

Vehicles must display a current disabled parking permit issued by the State of Arizona or any other state in order to park in a space which displays a disabled parking sign and/or a painted disabled insignia.

Red curbs indicate no-parking zones. Parking in red zones, entrances to buildings, driveways, in front of garbage dumpsters, fire lanes, and fire hydrants is prohibited.

Employee parking has been designated around the campus and painted yellow, in order to park in these spaces a faculty/staff parking permit must be displayed on the vehicle. If there is no proper permit displayed a warning/citation could be issued.

Driving into or parking in an area not designated for use or closed by the use of barricades, chains, or other vehicle control devices is prohibited.

Parking or blocking pedestrian paths, sidewalks, crosswalks and striped safety zones is prohibited.

Parking in a manner as to impede or obstruct properly parked/moving vehicles is prohibited.

Where parking stall lines are marked, operators must park within the stall lines. In diagonal spaces, vehicles must be parked facing the center line. No driving through or backing into spaces is permitted.

Designated parking is provided for motorized cycles or bicycles. College Police recommends that these areas be used for parking of motorized cycles and bicycles. Bicycles that are chained and locked to anything except bike racks are subject to impoundment. The locks may be cut at the owner’s expense.

The college reserves the right to deny the issuance of a vehicle parking permit to any person with an indebtedness to the college arising from the parking or operation of vehicles on campus property until the indebtedness is paid in full; such persons shall be denied the privilege of operating and parking his motor vehicle on college property.  The action, however does not relieve any person of any sanctions contained in this publication.

Bicycle Regulations

Bicycle parking is restricted to the racks provided.

A bicycle parked on a sidewalk or at an entrance to or in a building, or secured to a tree, light pole, sign post, or any other unauthorized area shall be subject to impoundment.

Bicycles must comply with Arizona traffic laws and campus traffic regulations. Every bicycle used from dusk to dawn must be equipped with white headlight and a red rear reflector. (ARS §28-922).

The college maintains the right to cut locks, chains, and/or cables for the purpose of impounding any bicycle parked or stored in violation of these regulations at the owner's expense.

The college reserves the right to limit or prohibit the use of skateboards, skates, roller blades, horses or other non-pedestrian devices.

Traffic Regulations

The maximum speed limit in all college parking lots is 15 mph.

Driving motor vehicles, motorized cycles, bicycles, skateboards, and roller blades on pedestrian paths and sidewalks is prohibited.

All accidents involving vehicles that occur on college property must be reported to the College Police.

All Arizona State laws governing the movement and operation of motor vehicles are adopted by the Maricopa Community Colleges’ Governing Board for the control of vehicles on college property.

Members of the college community who violate parking and traffic regulations are also subject to institutional discipline, vehicle towing and impoundment, withdrawal or suspension of parking privileges, encumbrance of records, and oral or written reprimand.

Motor Vehicle Assistance

College Police will provide reasonable assistance to college community members whose vehicle is disabled on campus. The driver requiring such assistance is requested to proceed to the College Police office in order to complete and sign a “Motor Vehicle Assistance Agreement.”