What is an Institute?

Institutes were created to provide a network of resources, specific to the career or field you have chosen to study, that will strengthen your learning pathway while at EMCC. By joining an Institute, you will be connected to learning communities and have access to success tools that can help you complete your certificate or degree, prepare for a career and/or university transfer, and enhance your overall student experience at EMCC. 

Institute success tools

How do I join an Institute?

  • No applications, no extra assignments, no fees…just a great opportunity to be a part of a great learning community
  • Personalized support, advisement and guidance from faculty
  • Student clubs and social networks
  • Events and activities
  • Study with peers pursuing the same degree/career path
  • Goal planning and development
  • Strong industry partnerships (internships, professional advisory councils, etc.).
  • Ability to belong to more than one Institute
  1. Attend an orientation for the Institute in your area(s) of study.
    • Click on any of the Institute links on this page to find more information on Orientation dates.
    • Learn about the resources directly linked to your area of interest and personal career goals – all in one place.
  2. Select your Institute(s).
  3. Participate in Institute activities, access resources, and build YOUR own community of success!