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Babysitting, CPR & First Aid class
Babysitting, CPR & First Aid class


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Keyboarding Kick-Start (Ages 8-14)

This junior-level keyboarding self-paced course is designed to introduce basic touch method of keyboarding using a desktop computer. The beginner student will learn the basics of touch-typing, as well as practice accuracy, spelling, and speed. EST S 252.
Saturdays, 9/21-11/16
Section #39777

  Fantasy Gamemaster Techniques (Ages12-16)

  Expand your imagination; create settings, characters and worlds. This class features hands-on techniques in   
  assembling, priming and painting Fantasy miniature figurines and learning techniques to design, layout, build,
  and paint Fantasy terrain like dungeons, castles and outdoor. Instructor will demonstrate using advanced tools
  and advanced modeling techniques such as casting terrain components; as well as how to use single and double     
  action airbrushes for amazing modeling/scenic effects! MON 275
  Saturdays, 10/5-10/26
 Section #41200
  $75.00 + $30 Supply Fee

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