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Babysitting, CPR & First Aid class
Babysitting, CPR & First Aid class

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Welcome to Kids College 2019!

We are excited to offer the largest selection of classes this year than we have ever offered! Here are some of the class topics: 

CULINARY: Kids can learn to cook at our fantastic culinary classes for ages 8-16. The classes take place in our fully equipped, professional kitchen used for our Culinary Studies programs.

STEM: Some of our many STEM classes include working in our Maker Space area to teach CAD, Laser, and Vinyl.   Learn all about the physics of flight, the amazing capabilities of the human body, or how plants grow and interact with their ecosystems – plus much more, with our Mad Science camps. Foster a love of learning through play with our LEGO® classes with Play-Well. Kids dive into the classes and exercise their innate gift for building. They come away understanding fundamental principles of engineering and physics. The experience boosts their confidence, creativity and ability to collaborate.

CHEER and DANCE get kids moving and having fun. 

LANGUAGES: Learn the basics of Spanish or Sign Language this summer.

LIFE SKILLS: Learn life skills with our Babysitting and Firefighter camps taught by professionals. 

MUSIC/THEATRE: Learn piano basics, singing and mariachi this summer. Our 2-week Bravo for Broadway class is lots of fun with a final performance on the stage of our beautiful PAC (Performing Arts Center). 

ART: We have many art classes that teach anything from working with clay, acrylic paints, watercolors, gourds, storytelling, origami, and woodworking. One new class involves stop animation using our video production studio. Another new class is our Comic Book Cartooning class taught by local artist who makes his living in the field. Build your own dollhouse – in four days! 

COMPUTERS: This year, after many requests, we are offering a Keyboarding class for kids. 

GAMING: We have many gaming classes this year with some new ones involving role-playing games, and others with ROBLOX®, Fortnite® and coding.

Have a great summer!

Parents of students with disabilities should contact Disability Resources and Services at 623-935-8935.