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   COVID-19 Update: The EMCC campus is open for classes, appointments, and walk-in services. Masks are strongly encouraged for everyone inside ALL buildings at EMCC. All student support services are still available online. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for additional information.  For more information visit




We are looking forward to another fun and engaging year! Thank you for considering having your child(ren) join our exciting summer camps. To ensure we have a fun, safe, and quality learning experience for you and your child(ren), please read this information carefully.


It is crucial that we are able to contact you in the event of an emergency or if camps/classes have been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. We will contact the parent using the information in the registration forms provided by you at registration and checkout.

**The below items are included in the registration process.


I recognize that Estrella Mountain Community College 2022 Summer Kids & Teen College is part of the Maricopa County Community College District and I must abide by District and College policies and procedures. I agree to conduct myself in such a manner that I will bring credit to my parents/guardian, my community and myself. I realize the activity I am attending is not an award in itself, but it is another means by which I can make a contribution to my personal development. I agree to abide by the rules of personal conduct prescribed by the faculty in charge as well as by the standards established by the Code of Conduct. I agree to attend activities required unless specifically excused by the teachers in charge. I also agree that if I do not abide by the policies and procedures set forth, I may lose the opportunity to continue with the Summer College Programs.


The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) has approved a resolution that smoking, drinking alcohol, and unseemly behavior of any kind is prohibited while on any of the MCCCD campuses. Estrella Mountain Community College has set rules to ensure the safety for students, instructors, volunteers, staff and third party entities. When involved in any program in connection with EMCC's Kids & Teen College, the following rules outlined below are always expected to be followed. Violations will be handled according to the College's policies and regulations. If a student is dismissed from any program associated with Kid's College due to behavioral reasons, tuition will be forfeited and there will not be a refund issued.


  • Respect one another and obey all rules and directions from staff (teachers, college students, helpers, assistants, coordinators, and program manager) at all times.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. Fighting, shoving, slapping or any inappropriate touching will not be tolerated.
  • Remain quiet while walking through hallways as there may be college classes in sessions or other departments working onsite.
  • Never wander off alone, you must always stay with a group and an adult at all times.
  • Respect the college property, classroom, supplies, equipment, etc.
  • Do not liter or draw (graffiti) any furniture, equipment, or any item that does not belong to you.
  • Do not use your outside voice while you are indoors. Any loud, boisterous talk, inappropriate language or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Being under any influence of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated.
  • Do not consume food or drinks unless allowed by classroom teachers and staff (we will ensure students receive adequate water and snack breaks as needed).
  • Do not bring gum to class.
  • Cell phones and any other electronic device: tablets, computers, music, or any other gaming devices are not permitted during class hours. Children with electronic devices will be asked to silence all devices and remain in their bags until class has ended. Teachers and staff have the right to confiscate cell phones and other devices if students do not adhere to these rules. Cell Phones and devices will be returned to the parent at the end of class. EMCC is not liable or responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.


  • Must provide a photo ID every day when picking up your child. No exceptions.
  • For the safety of our teachers and students, no guests including parents, guardians, siblings, other relatives, etc. are allowed in the classroom unless they are enrollees of the camp.
  • Drop Off: Must drop off child no later than 15 minutes after the class start time.
  • Pick Up: Must pick up a child no later than 15 minutes after the class ends.

EMCC Kids & Teen College staff (teachers, college students, helpers, assistants, coordinators, and program manager) have the right to dismiss the student from class for any of the conduct items listed above. Any additional offenses of the behavior will result in a meeting with the Kids College Program Manager. Recurring behavior is subject to student removal of the program without a refund.

I have read and understand the EMCC Summer Kids & Teen College Code of Conduct. I understand if a violation occurs, I may be asked to withdraw my student and forfeit any tuition paid.

Disciplinary Action:

Minor Infractions

1st offense: Students will receive a verbal reminder of standard behavior.

2nd offense: Students and parent will meet with Program Manager to develop a behavior plan.

3rd offense: Program Manager will remove student(s) from the class without refund.

Major Infractions

1st offense: Program Manager will remove student(s) from the program without refund.