Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights

Expect all disability-related information to be treated confidentially.

Receive appropriate accommodations in a timely manner fromDRS and faculty. Students should have the opportunity to meet privately with faculty to discuss accommodations or other concerns. Keep in mind that DRS is the only office designated to review documentation and determine eligibility for appropriate accommodations.

Student Responsibilities:

Provide DRS with appropriate documentation of the disability.

Expect DRS and faculty to treat any disability-related information as confidential.

Meet with DRS staff to request accommodations each semester.

Give each instructor the Instructor Notification Form.

Schedule exams to be taken in DRS at least 48 hours in advance.

Schedule exams to be taken in DRS at the same time as the regular classroom exam.

If time accommodations extend into another class period, make arrangements with the instructor or DRS to schedule another time.

Remind the instructor that exams need to be sent to DRS one week before the scheduled time.

Notify DRS immediately when an accommodation is not being provided completely or correctly.

Notify DRS immediately when a decision has been made to not use an accommodation or the accommodation is no longer needed.

Act as your own advocate. Work with DRS to develop advocacy skills and communicate your specific needs and accommodations to faculty.

Faculty Rights:

Request verification of a student’s eligibility for any requested accommodations. The Letter of Accommodation states the accommodations the students is entitled to based on documentation given DRS office. DRS is the only office designated to review disability documentation and determine eligibility for appropriate accommodations. 

Faculty Responsibilities:

Evaluate students based course objectives as stated in the syllabus. Students with disabilities should meet the same course expectations as their peers.

Provide accommodations only to students who are registered with DRS. It is not the responsibility of faculty to provide accommodations to students who are not registered with DRS.

Contact DRS immediately with any questions about a student’s request for accommodations.

Provide students with the opportunity to meet privately to discuss accommodations or other concerns.

Complete an exam instruction sheet with your contact information and any information necessary for the student to take the exam.  Students will be allowed to use calculators, notes, etc. only if this is indicated on the instructions

Work to ensure that all course videos are accessible (i.g. that videos are captioned or that transcripts are available for students with hearing impairments).

Treat and protect all disability-related information as confidential medical information. For example, keep printed items, such as Exam Instruction Sheets or emails regarding student disability related information in a protected location.

Clearly communicate test dates and requirements to the student and DRS by completing the Exam Instruction Sheet with specific instructions.

If students choose to disclose their disability, this information should be treated confidentially.