Service Learning


What are the Benefits of Service Learning and Civic Engagement to the Faculty & College?

  • Develop more powerful curricula by providing students with a "real world" context for theory and discipline-specific knowledge.
  • Raise awareness of current social issues as they relate to academic and social areas of interest.
  • Foster a culture of student participation and leadership on campus
  • Increase student retention by helping them develop a sense of community within the class.
  • Students will be more engaged in the course material and look forward to participating in classroom discussions.

How does Service Learning & Civic Engagement align with Estrella Mountain Community College Mission and Values? UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Service Learning has an annual celebration and awards ceremony.  The following rubrics are available for staff and faculty to review. 

- SL Club-of-the-Year Rubric

- SL Staff Rubric

-SL Adjunct Faculty Rubric

- SL Faculty Rubric