PTK Scholarships

PTK Scholarships

Scholarships Are A Primary Focus

Phi Theta Kappa’s primary goal is to help members secure scholarships to help them transfer on to four-year colleges and universities at the conclusion of their community college studies. We also work to help students understand the process of scholarship search and how to put together competitive scholarship applications that stand a better change of success - winning the scholarship itself!

We encourage students to start their scholarship search early in their college careers using tools such as Phi Theta Kappa’s at least one year ahead of anticipated transfer. Please do not wait until closer to graduation to begin your search or submit applications. Many scholarships are awarded 6-12 months before expected transfer, and you don’t want to miss important deadlines or submit hurried applications. Students can also increase their chances of earning scholarships if they are actively involved on campus and in their communities.

Watch for scholarship workshops held throughout the fall and spring semesters. 

We strongly encourage students to complete their associate degrees before transfer. Completed associate degrees transfer more effectively.