Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment FAQs

We have provided the following Questions and Answers to provide the best information to assist in your decision to participate in the Dual Enrollment program with Estrella Mountain Community College.

AP courses require a fee to take a test and the test results determine how many credits you are eligible to receive.  Dual Enrollment credits are earned through course work in the high school classroom.  If you earn an A through coursework in a Dual Enrollment class, you have earned an A in college and high school. 

  • Go My.Maricopa.edu
  • Click on login, then use your MEID and password to log-in.
  • In the Academics section of your Student Center, click the drop down menu.
  • Select Official Transcript or Unofficial Transcript.
  • Follow directions on screen to complete the process.
  • A $5 fee will be charged for transcripts sent outside Maricopa Colleges.

Review the CEG or course equivalency guide provided on this website to see how the three state universities translate the courses you are interested in taking.  Out of state colleges will evaluate courses differently.  It is important to contact the respective college about how courses transfer.

1.   Apply for admission

  • Go to My.Maricopa.edu. Create a student account and password.
  • Apply for admission to as many colleges you plan to take Dual Enrollment classes.

2.   Test

  • Math and English require a college placement test.
  • Other academic courses do not require a placement test. (History, World Languages, Biology, etc.)
  • Occupational courses do not require testing.
  • Placement tests are often provided at your high school prior to registration. If not you will have to test at a maricopa community college.

3.   Register for classes

  • Registration often takes place on high school campus.
  • All forms must be signed, by appropriate person.
  • To qualify for in-state tuition, send each college a copy of accepted documents that shows your citizen or residency status.

4.   Pay Tuition

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment is a type of Special Admission and a partnership between Estrella Mountain Community College and your high school. Lower division (100-200 level) college courses are taught at the high school during regular hours. These courses are counted towards high school requirements, giving you the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit for the same courses. Satisfactory completion of these courses, allows students to use the credits toward a degree at EMCC or transfer the credits to another college or university. High school instructors meet Maricopa Community College criteria to be eligible to teach a Dual Enrollment classes.

Eligibility for Dual Courses

To insure eligibility for an academic course, students must provide proof of meeting admission criteria such as a passing AIMS score or other aptitude scores. An appropriate placement test score is required for Math and English courses. Students must meet prerequisites for courses when required. Not meeting eligibility requirements will result in the inability to register for courses.

Do I need to take an assessment test?

Students enrolling in English or Math courses, or courses that have English or Math as prerequisites, must earn an appropriate score on an assessment test unless they have the required college course prerequisite. The assessment test may be administered at your high school free of charge. You will need to check for the date and time. If you do not complete the assessment when it is given at the high school, you will be required to schedule a time to take it at EMCC. You will not be allowed to enroll in English or Math courses, or courses that have English or math as prerequisites, without an assessment score. History and Science courses are an example.

Other Important Information

Use the following websites to receive valuable information: www.My.maricopa.edu provides important information such as payment options, grades and transcripts, etc.

/students/dual-enrollment for the DE tuition assistance application form. www.aztransfer.com will provide information such as how courses transfer to other colleges.

What is the cost for Courses?

Tuition for all MCCD courses is $81 per credit hour for the 2013-14 school years, plus a $15.00 registration fee each semester (for each college). The cost for out of state students is $317 per credit hour. Tuition assistance is available on limited basis.

Participation in other Maricopa programs such as ACE, Hoops of Learning, etc. at multiple Maricopa campuses can impact your tuition. You are responsible for the payment of tuition for Dual Enrollment courses regardless of participation in other district programs.

Your high school may supplement your tuition. Specific tuition information is provided with registration materials. State law now requires that a person who is not a citizen or legal resident of the United States or who is without lawful immigration status is not entitled to classification as an in-state resident. Refunds are not available after registration has taken place, register accordingly.


Prior to registration:

Registration information is shared with each high school participating in Dual Enrollment before registration date. Testing, payment arrangements and completion of Dual Enrollment Application are required. 

Day of Registration:

*A Special Admission form must be signed by student, parent and high school official.

*Residency information must be provided.

*Payment must be made for courses.

*Must complete a Dual Enrollment registration form.

It is important to set up your college account before registration on your campus.

You are an EMCC student

You are welcome to all of the services provided by the college. You must officially enroll prior to the registration deadline and you must officially withdraw from the course. If you stop attending a Dual Enrollment course, but do not officially withdraw, you will receive the grade earned. This grade becomes part of your official college record.  You will still be responsible for payment of tuition.