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Dual Enrollment FAQs

The following frequently asked questions were compiled to assist you in enrolling in Dual Enrollment. If you need more information, feel free to email or call 623-935-8900.

It’s an opportunity for eligible high school students to earn lower-division college credit during their regular high school classes. The credits are treated the same as regular college credit, and are transferable to other Maricopa Community Colleges, Arizona’s state universities, and many out-of-state colleges.

Since you’re already in the class, why not get college credit for it? You can also save money through community college tuition rates and having your textbooks provided by your high school.

AP courses require a fee to take a test and the test results determine how many credits you are eligible to receive.  Dual Enrollment credits are earned through course work in the high school classroom.  If you earn an A through coursework in a Dual Enrollment class, you have earned an A in college and high school. 

Dual enrollment students must be attending a participating high school and meet the general eligibility requirement of: proficiency on the AZMerit of PSAT 93 (2014 and earlier), PSAT 720 (2015 and future), SAT930, ACT22 or completion of the Reading Accuplacer test. English and math classes require a qualifying Accuplacer placement test score.

1.   Apply for admission

  • Go to Create a student account and password.
  • Apply for admission to as many colleges you plan to take Dual Enrollment classes.

2.   Test

  • Math and English require a college placement test.
  • Other academic courses do not require a placement test. (History, World Languages, Biology, etc.)
  • Occupational courses do not require testing.
  • Placement tests are often provided at your high school prior to registration. If not you will have to test at a maricopa community college.

3.   Register for classes

  • Registration often takes place on high school campus.
  • All forms must be signed, by appropriate person.
  • To qualify for in-state tuition, send each college a copy of accepted documents that shows your citizen or residency status.

4.   Pay Tuition

You can take the placement test again 24 hours after the original test. A third test is allowed no sooner than three months from the oldest test date.

The in-state, in-county tuition rate is $85 (in-state) per credit hour. There is an additional $15 registration fee per semester for each college you do dual enrollment through. (Tuition is subject to change). See your high school dual enrollment schedule for the exact cost of the dual enrollment class(es).

Failure to set up an official payment plan or pay tuition in full by the semester deadline will result in students being automatically dropped, without notification from class(es).

The Maricopa Grant program is offered to eligible Arizona high school students attending Maricopa Community Colleges in Dual Enrollment Programs. Student recipients must demonstrate “financial need” by completing the Maricopa Grant Application for Dual Enrollment Students and providing documentation of household income using the most recent year’s signed income tax return or copy of Tax Return Transcript from the parent or guardians. Financial need will be indicated if household income falls below 200% of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines.

Students are responsible for communication sent to your Maricopa email. You may forward your Maricopa email to an email account you frequently check.