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Art is the beautiful blend of ingenious creativity, imagination, and skill. It is your pencil on the page, strokes on the canvas, and pixels on the screen. Regardless of your background or experience, our classes will enrich your appreciation for the arts, they will help you learn new forms of self-expression, and they will hone your capabilities as an artist. From drawing to painting to photography (traditional and digital), our fine arts courses provide you with a range of creative choices. And if you are looking for insight into the brilliant artists and culture surrounding human aesthetics all around the world, check out our art humanities classes too!

Art, Art Humanities, and Art and Visual Communication courses we offer:

ART 111: Drawing I

ART 112: Two-Dimensional Design

ART 113: Color

ART 115: Three-Dimensional Design

ART 116: Life Drawing I

ART 117: Life Drawing II

ART 131: Photography I

ART 165: Watercolor Painting I

ART 167: Painting I

ARH 100: Introduction to Art

ARH 101: Prehistoric Through Gothic Art

ARH 102: Renaissance Through Contemporary Art

ARH 115: History of Photography

ARH 201: Art of Asia

ARH 217: Mexican Art History

AVC 100: Introduction to Digital Arts

AVC 142: Introduction to Digital Photography

AVC 181: Graphic Design I


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Associate in Arts, Fine Arts, Emphasis in Art

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Mariposa Literary Review

Proud of something you created? Want to take your work to the next level? Submit your piece for a chance to get published in the Mariposa Literary Review, a literary magazine full of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and more! Plus, top submissions win scholarship prizes! Click here for more info: