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Whether you are looking to create a foundation for your future academic goals, fulfill your general education requirements with an interesting class, or pursue a major in English, we have a class for you! Our composition classes will strengthen your writing and research skills for any future career or academic pathway. Our literature classes explore a wide variety of genres, from ancient mythology to new fiction and film.

English and English Humanities courses we offer:

ENG 101: First-Year Composition

ENG 101LL: First-Year Composition Lab

ENG 102: First-Year Composition

ENG 111: Technical and Professional Writing

ENG 200: Reading and Writing About Literature

ENG 213: Introduction to the Study of Language

ENH 110: Introduction to Literature

ENH 112: Chicano Literature

ENH 114: African-American Literature

ENH 201: World Literature Through the Renaissance

ENH 202: World Literature After the Renaissance

ENH 221: Survey of English Literature Before 1800

ENH 235: Survey of Gothic Literature

ENH 242: American Literature After 1860

ENH 245: J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: Battling Modernism

ENH 251: Mythology

ENH 254: Literature and Film

ENH 255: Contemporary U.S. Literature and Film

ENH 291: Children’s Literature

ENH 294: Multicultural Folktales

ENH 295: Banned Books and Censorship


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