Melody; Rhythm; Harmony

Looking to complete one of your general education awareness areas with a unique class? EMCC offers a variety of music history classes--many covering more than one general awareness area!

Discover things about genres you thought you knew in our Rock Music and Culture or Hip-Hop Music and Culture. Trace the development of American music from its early roots to today’s radio hits in American Jazz and Popular Music. Explore the diversity of genres from around the world in Music and World Cultures or Survey of Music History.

Or, take our Electronic Music (MTC) classes and learn how to create music using computers, digital audio software and hardware, and MIDI controllers. These hands-on classes work toward degrees in video game design and animation as well as teach you how to incorporate music into social media and professional situations.

Music History and Literature, Theory and Composition, and Performance courses we offer:

MHL 140: Survey of Music History

MHL 143: Music in World Cultures

MHL 145: American Jazz and Popular Music

MHL 153: Rock Music and Culture

MHL 204: Hip-Hop Music and Culture

MTC 191: Electronic Music I

MTC 192: Electronic Music II

MTC 193: Computer-Based Sound Synthesis

MUP 127: Class Guitar I

MUP 130: Introduction to Class Piano


Explore degrees and career information on Music here:

Associate in Arts, Fine Arts, Emphasis in Music

Associate in Arts, Fine Arts, Emphasis in Musical Theatre

EMCC Fine & Performing Arts Info Page

Performing Arts Center

The centerpiece of arts at EMCC is the Performing Arts Center (PAC) – a 30,000 square-foot free standing fine arts building at the Avondale campus. The PAC opened its doors to students in fall 2015, and is home to individualized learning areas, including a dedicated Black Box Theater, a Dance Studio, a Media Technical Laboratory, a Costume Shop, and a Music Studio. Entering the PAC, guests are greeted by a gallery providing exhibition space for local, national, student, and faculty art shows, with a beautiful light sculpture titled "Breaking Sound" hanging above the lobby. The Main Theater, seating almost 300, is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies (i.e., digital projection capabilities) and professional structures (e.g., pipe grid, crossover orchestra pit and pit lift platform). For more info, go to: