Insight into the human world

Humanities explores the development and application of human culture. It examines the impact and legacy left by humans not only through the many different philosophies around the world but also humanity’s infinitely imaginative creativity in literature, art, music, dance, film, television, pop culture, and so much more.

Our humanities classes will offer you the opportunity to learn about human culture based on your interest: from general study of human culture, to cultures around the world, to more specific cultural points such as film and ‘pop culture’. Regardless of which class you choose to take, we guarantee that students who take a humanities course will gain a better understanding and appreciation of the world we live in and of those that occupy it too.

Humanities courses we offer:

HUM 108: Contemporary Humanities

HUM 205: Introduction to Cinema

HUM 210: Contemporary Cinema

HUM 213: Hispanic Film

HUM 214: African-Americans in Film

HUM 225: Introduction to Popular Culture

HUM 250: Ideas and Values in the Humanities: Early Civilizations to the Renaissance

HUM 251: Ideas and Values in the Humanities: Renaissance to the Contemporary World

HUM 292: The Art of Storytelling


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Associate in Arts, Emphasis in Humanities