Estrella Conference Center

Estrella Conference Center

Adjacent to Estrella Hall is the Estrella Conference Center, a free-standing building capable of hosting community and campus events. Features of this space include:

  • This space has the capability to be split into 2 rooms North and South.
  • External entrance for after-hours use.
  • Use of 1 podium, computer, 2-6 projectors/screens, up to 8 microphones, and webcam for virtual meeting options.
  • Practical for pre-event preparation, including a kitchenette for catering with an ice machine, refrigerator, and microwave.
  • Large lobby perfect for registration, reception activities, or food service.
  • Restroom facilities in the building for convenience.

Estrella Conference Center Seating Capacity

Room Set-Up Entire Space Half Space
Theater (Rows of chairs only) Up to 320 seats Up to 150 seats
Banquet (5’x5’ squares with 8 chairs per table) Up to 240 seats Up to 104 seats
Conference (5’x5’ squares with 6 chairs per table) Up to 180 seats Up to 78 seats
Classroom (Rows of tables with 2 chairs per table) Up to 128 seats Up to 64 seats
Expo (Rows of tables with a walking pathway with up to 2 chairs) Up to 56 tables/112 chairs Up to 28 tables/56 chairs

Estrella Conference Center Rental Fees

Please note that events that occur after 5:00pm or on Saturdays, have a 25% increase for the rental space.

Fee Type For-Profit Rate Community Entity (Non-Profit) Rate Additional Information
Full Space $220 per hour $110 per hour Requires a 4-hour minimum rental.
Half Space $132 per hour $66 per hour Requires a 4-hour minimum rental.
Event Coordination Fee $35 $35 Included on all Facility Use Agreements.
Media Personnel $35 each $35 each Media Personnel will set up and test media equipment prior to the event.
Technology Fee Personnel $75 per hour $75 per hour AV Personnel will be on-site for live streaming needs.
Technology Fee WiFi $75 each $75 each WiFi access for participants.
Set-Up Fee $220 each $220 each Charged if the current room setup is adjusted.
Clean-Up Fee $220 each $220 each Charged when the event requires additional clean up and/or food service is included in the event.

*A "community entity" is a corporation or other legal entity whose business is non-commercial; is unrelated to the Maricopa County Community College District; and is recreational, educational, political, economic, artistic, moral, scientific, social, religious or for some other civic purpose in the interest of the community.

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