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Outdoor Spaces

Ceremonial Plaza - View from Stage
Ceremonial Plaza - View from Stage

The Ceremonial Plaza, situated west of Estrella Hall, is an amphitheater style space with a fixed stage and a framing water feature.  The area is suitable for ceremonies and performances.

The Estrella North Plaza is situated on the east side of Estrella Hall and is a circular grassy area with a built in covered stage area that also serves as a patio area.  This area is suitable for performances.

The Image Zone is located on the southeast corner of the campus.  This is the only athletic type field available at Estrella Mountain.  The Image Zone is suitable for athletic events, fairs, expos and ceremonies.

Clients interested in renting outside spaces at Estrella Mountain will need to provide seating, staging, audio and lighting equipment, as needed.

Outdoor Spaces
Location Size Additional Info
Ceremonial Plaza                                                         Big                                 Amphitheater Style with fixed stage.  Client provides seating, sound, lighting.                                                                                            
Estrella North Plaza                                                                  Bigger                           

Circular, grassy area with fixed stage.  Suitable for good, fun times. Client provides seating, sound, lighting.                                   

Image Zone                                                                   Biggest                             

Athletic-like field.  Client provides seating, sound, lighting, stage, etc.  Suitable for larger events including fairs, expos, ceremonies, etc.

Outdoor Spaces Rental Fees
Fee Type Fee Additional Information
Ceremonial Plaza                      


Requires a 4 hour minimum rental.                      
Estrella North Plaza


Requires a 4 hour minimum rental.     
Image Zone


Requires a 4 hour minimum rental.      
Event Coordination Fee                                    


Included on all Facility Use Agreements.                                                        
Set Up/Clean Up Fee                          


Charged as needed.