Estrella South 260

Estrella South 260

Located on the second floor of Estrella Hall, the community room offers flexible meeting space for a maximum of 100 people and connects to a gallery style kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with an industrial size ice maker, regular size refrigerator/freezer, microwave, and sink for your convenience. You will need to bring all cooking, cleaning and serving supplies, however, paper towels and trash receptacles are provided.

Seating Style

 # of Seats 

Additional Information

Theater Style


Rows of chairs only.

Banquet Style


4'x4' tables with 6 seats per table.

Conference Style 


4' x 4' tables with 5 seats per table.

Classroom Style 


Tables and chairs in rows.

Estrella South 260 Rental Rates 

Please note that events that occur after 5:00pm or on Saturdays, have a 25% increase for the rental space.

Fee Type


Additional Information

Facility Rental


Requires a 4-hour minimum rental. 

Event Coordination Fee 


Included on all Facility Use Agreements. 

Media Personnel


Media Personnel will set up and test media equipment prior to any event. 

Set Up Fee


Charged if the current room setup is adjusted and/or outside of the normal setup. 

Clean Up Fee


Charged when the event requires additional clean up and/or food service is included in the event.