TULIP Insurance

TULIP Insurance

Special Event Insurance 

Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP)

What is TULIP? TULIP (Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy) provides special event liability insurance to non-Maricopa County Community College District facility users who do not carry liability insurance. The program is offered by the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) to assist facility users to purchase low cost general liability insurance for specific events held at MCCCD facilities.  It protects both the facility user and MCCCD against claims by third parties who may be injured as a result of participating in an event.  

To apply for special event insurance through TULIP, please complete the online request form located at: https://tulip.ajgrms.com/  Click on “Quick Quote" at the top of the page. You can either select Arizona and then click on Maricopa County Community College District or use code 4918.  

IMPORTANT: The law of the state of Arizona strictly regulates the service, sale, distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages. MCCCD does not permit alcoholic beverages to be served, sold or distributed on or in the premises owned by the District except for a few narrow exceptions. Do not purchase the liquor liability insurance when completing the online TULIP request form.  

Additional Questions?  Call the MCCCD Risk Manager at (480) 731-8157.