Self Service


Both virtual and in-person appointments are available.  You can schedule here: EMCC Advisement

Log in with your Canvas information (MEID and password) and then choose a time and day that works for you.  Remember that if you schedule with the wrong Field of Interest (FOI), your appointment will be canceled.  All confirmations/cancellations will be sent to your student email

Advising Notes

After every meeting with your advisor, they will upload notes to your student center.  These notes will include a summary of your conversation, an updated education plan so that you know which classes to take next and any other information you might need.  This may also include any "homework" with your next steps listed.

You can access these notes by logging into your student center and clicking on the Academic Progress tile, and then selecting "View Note" from the list of notes in the center of the screen.

Registering for Classes

Each semester, you will be expected to register for your own classes using your Student Center.  Your advisor will provide your classes to you in an education plan (you can find this in your Advising Notes after each session) and you can use that to search for classes and enroll in your preferred sections.

We also have a video that may help walk you through the process:

Updating your Program

In order for your courses to be eligible for federal funding and some scholarships, they need to apply to your program plan.  You can check this by logging into your Student Center at and selecting the "View Current Admissions" tile.

This flyer will walk you through how to check your program plan and update if it's incorrect:

Are you planning to transfer to Arizona State University (ASU)?

If you are planning to attend ASU, you can also sign up for the MAPP at  This will get you on a transfer pathway to ASU and allow both ASU and EMCC to track you and ensure all of your classes are transferable to your chosen program.  Additionally, so long as you meet all requirements, you are guaranteed admission to ASU in the college of your choice as a junior - no taking freshman-level classes as a junior/senior!  Also - and this is my favorite part - if they add four new classes tomorrow it won't matter because you'll already be locked into their previous agreement!

Applying for Graduation

Once you have registered for your last semester's classes, it's time to apply for graduation!  If you are working closely with your advisor, we may see when it is time to apply, but when you know that you are nearing 60 credits, it is your responsibility to check in with your advisor to make sure you’re on track!  You can also use the degree progress report (DPR) to keep track of your credits and how they are applying to your degree!

EMCC does not auto-graduate students; this means that you have to initiate the process of applying for graduation by letting us know you're ready.