Placement Testing

Placement Testing

Take your placement tests from home using EdReady!

Review the EdReady Student Guide for instructions, then go to to get started.

Need to place higher than MAT151? Take the Accuplacer Advanced Algebra and Functions test on campus!

Visit to schedule your appointment.  (To study for the Accuplacer AAF test, use the free Accuplacer App at

What is Placement Testing?

The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) determines initial course placement for English, Reading, and Mathematics courses.

View the Maricopa Community Colleges Placement Chart

Placement testing is required for:

  • Students who are new to college and are pursuing a degree or transfer pathway
  • Students taking their first college English, reading, or math course or any college course for which English, reading, or math is a prerequisite
  • Students who are admitted as "Special Admission" (taking college classes while still attending high school)

Placement Testing is:

  • Free
  • Not timed
  • Computerized

EdReady scores do not expire. Accuplacer and CELSA scores are valid for 2 years. A “Reading Exempt” score never expires.