NISOD Excellence Awards

NISOD Excellence Awards


As a member of the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD), Estrella Mountain Community College nominates three (3) EMCC employees each year for the NISOD Excellence Awards. The recipients have demonstrated the importance of teaching and leadership excellence in higher education. The recipients are then invited to be honored and celebrated at the International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence in May of each year. More information about the NISOD Excellence Awards can be found here:


Estrella Mountain Community College will nominate three (3) EMCC employees each year for the NISOD Excellence Awards: one Residential Faculty, one Adjunct Faculty/OSO/OYO Faculty, and one Full-Time, Classified Staff member. If a category does not receive any nominations or any nominations that meet the criteria, then nominations will go to the next employee who received the highest number of votes in any category. Any ties within a category will be addressed by the College President.


  • Years of Service (This will be verified by the EMCC Division of Human Resources prior to voting):
    • Residential Faculty must have taught as Residential Faculty at EMCC for a minimum of three (3) years.
    • Adjunct Faculty must have taught at EMCC for a minimum of four (4) semesters, which can include summer as one (1) semester, and semesters do not have to be consecutive.
    • Full-Time/Classified Staff must have worked as Full-Time/Classified Staff for a minimum of two (2) years at EMCC.
  • Completed Nomination Form
  • Recipients can only be awarded once for the NISOD Award. Please review past winners to ensure a duplicate nomination/award is not submitted.

NISOD Award - Past EMCC Recipients


The NISOD Award emphasizes the importance of Teaching and Leadership Excellence in higher education. This excellence award allows the EMCC College President the privilege of honoring outstanding employees at EMCC. In order for a nomination to be considered, the submission must address the following three categories:

  • Exemplifies innovative practices inside and/or outside of the classroom (example: Student Club Advisor who provides exceptional and innovative learning experiences for students)
  • Exemplifies excellence in leadership (example: Committee Chair who implemented an exceptional and innovative change in the way EMCC serves students to promote their success)
  • Contributes to advancing the learning college philosophy at EMCC (example: Participates in employee engagement activities that provide exceptional and innovative mentoring experiences)

Nominations and Voting

Nominations: All Estrella Mountain Community College employees are welcome to nominate themselves or an EMCC colleague. EMCC employees can nominate one person per category. In order for a nomination to be considered complete, it must consist of the following:

  • The employee being nominated must meet the Years of Service requirement.
  • Each category (one Residential Faculty, one Adjunct Faculty/OSO/OYO Faculty, and one Full-time or Classified Staff member) requires a separate nomination.
  • The nomination consists of the nominee’s name and three paragraphs (3-6 sentences each), one for each of the three criteria. Each paragraph must address the following:
    • One specific example of exceptional and innovative service.
    • One or two sentences that show how the example connects to the criterion.
    • One or two sentences that show how the example is valuable in terms of student success.

Voting: Voting will be open to all EMCC employees. A subcommittee will screen all nominations to ensure eligibility. Then an opportunity to vote for these nominees will be provided for all EMCC employees.  Each employee can vote for one nominee only for each of the three categories.


College recipient may attend the Excellence Awards Dinner and Celebration held during NISOD’s annual conference. Traveling to Austin, Texas, to accept the award is not required of any nominee. The college will ensure that the award and certificate are sent to any recipient who chooses not to travel to the NISOD International Conference. If a NISOD award recipient chooses to receive the award in person, they are required to use Professional Growth funds to support their related travel expenses (hotel, airfare, and conference registration). Adjunct faculty will not be docked for their classes if they choose to travel to the NISOD International Conference to accept their award. Adjunct faculty who are not teaching during either the travel time or the NISOD Awards Ceremony will not be compensated. The remainder of the travel expenses (if any) will be covered by institutional funds. Travel time outside of normal working hours (Monday-Friday) will not be compensated.